Happy First Birthday, E!!!

1112 045
Dear Ethan (a.k.a. E-Diddy, Ethos, Monkey Bear),
Do you remember when you were that little? I was almost afraid to hold you, you were so small. Now, you're so big you have the ability to hurt auntie with your enthusiasm. I can't believe that a year has passed since we rushed to the hospital to welcome you into this crazy world of ours. Before you came along, I only thought I knew what love was. Now, when I see the way your face lights up when I walk into the room, I know that not only am I in love, but that you love me back with all your tiny heart. I actually count the days in between our visits. If I go more than a week without hearing you say "Woah!" I feel like a piece of me is missing. I'm so glad that you are my buddy. Hope you have the happiest 1st birthday ever and that you don't freak out too badly when grandpa and daddy's barber gives you your first haircut.

Rainy 011


Coodence said...




Sassy One said...

I can't believe it's been a year already!!

What a handsome little man!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Shora said...

And how lucky Ethan is to have an auntie like you who loves him so much. I can't believe it's been a year either... wow. And speaking of time flying, my eldest turns sweet 16 today. Good LORD he'll be driving soon!

Happy weekend babe. xo

Hella said...

Those cheeks are sooo kissable!!!