A Haiku For HLP Friday

We have a debate going
On-ree or Hen-ree
I say it's On-ree
My mom agrees with me, too
But "Fuck your mom, dude"
Such a sweet talker
You kiss your mom with that mouth?
See you at Five Points


Itchy said...

I say it depends
Pronunciation differs
Its best to just ask

My name is not hard
Plain and simple, not fancy
Others make it so

Coodence said...

on ree

Le Scooter said...

Listen babe, if it's French, then it IS On-ree. I was just in France and my landlord for one month was an Henri (On-ree).

Rhys said...

Haaaaaw!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god I wasn't drinking soda when I read that. It would've shot through my nose,and that stings. You be haiku jeenyus. ;)