Dieter's Log: Day 2

No, this is not the log of the SNL character on Sprockets of "Touch my monkey" fame. That's me. The gal on a diet. And so far so good. I followed the instructions pretty much to a T yesterday. Since I don't know the meaning of a balanced meal, I sort of winged it for dinner. I made a chicken breast quesadilla on whole wheat, soft taco sized tortillas, a 1/2 cup serving of black beans, and about a dozen slices of cucumber seasoned with salt and pepper. Washed it down with an Arizona Diet Green Tea and called it a night as far as eating goes. I also did just as I said would and went on a 45-minute, brisk walk right after work. Gawl dangit I love me some fall weather. Frankly, I can't think of anything better.
You may be asking how I could take a walk after work if I have class on Monday nights. Well, Vehicular is being troublesome and costly. For about a week now she's been making popping sounds when she turns or goes over rough terrain (a.k.a. bumpy streets, not off-roading). I didn't want to chance being stranded out in the dark, agricultural fields of Camarillo, risking confrontations with wild beasts such as coyotes and/or independent bunnies so I didn't go. Sue me.
This morning I'm off to a great start. Woke up at 6 a.m. and did my 40-minutes of DVD exercise. Had my cereal and a banana. Dropped off Vehicular. And now I'm at the office. I guess I should gt to work. What a novel idea, eh?


Coodence said...

Good work, sister!

Buzz said...

Atta Girl!

The students got me a birthday cake this AM, so, yeah, had to have a bit to make appearances...

Sorry to hear about Vehicular, VW should be handling your issue since you just had her in for service!


Itchy said...

Do not fear the independent bunnies. They mean no harm. They just want to have some fun, find themselves, and buy some sparkley stuff.

And yay for the walk! I should have did that, myself.

Sassy One said...

Working is for chumps. Slack off. All the cool kids are doing it.

Good work on the "diet" :)

Sheen V said...

Ach, I thought it was a post about Dieter! "Touch my monkey!"