Customer Service?

Dear CSUCI Bookstore,
When I called and asked if I could return my book to you if I was withdrawing from my class, you told me "Yes." I had an offer from another student to buy it but told him no because I'd rather get the full refund on a brand new book I cracked open only once. At no time did you mention a deadline to me. You simply told me to bring in my W with my receipt and I'd get my $168 back. However, when I went to return the book yesterday, a mere 4 days including the weekend after I got my W, you told me the deadline had passed. Well, frankly, I was irritated. Then I saw the giant green sign behind your counter that said you gladly bought books back year 'round so I asked you to buy my book back and you told me you couldn't! WTF? I'm in customer service/sales and I know all about this thing called "the customer is always right" even when they're not. You did nothing to make sure I, your customer, left your store happy. It's no wonder people are turning to Amazon to buy and sell their text books, you rip off artists.
Dear shoe salesmen (note the plural) at the mall,
When I request a size ten to try on, do not suggest that I try on the display that is a size nine. Frankly, at the age of 30, I am well aware of my shoe size. I'm not about to fold my toes over to squeeze them into a shoe an entire size too small. And when I ask to try the ten, do not roll your eyes and do a huge sigh when you flounce your faux-punk, emo ass into the stock room to retrieve my requested merchandise. Your sole purpose at your mall job is to get me things to try on so I buy them. I will definitely not buy your shoes after you cop a 'tude.
And as for you, Mr. Journeys, when I request a size ten, do not tell me that a nine and a half is all you carry and that it will stretch. When I reply to that suggestion by saying that I own that brand and style in both a size nine and a half and a men's eight (a.k.a. women's ten) and that the nine and a half is too tight, do not look at me and repeat "I happen to know for a fact that those shoes stretch." You will not only lose my sale, but also the sale of my friend and all of my friend's friends when I tell them all what a condescending prick you were.
Dear Footlocker guy,
You did it! You cheerfully welcomed us in to your store. You went out of your way to make sure that the customer was happy. When you didn't carry the size we were looking for, you went out of your way to suggest that we order it instead. Not only that, but you told us the shoes would be delivered right to our doorstep! When we said that wouldn't work, you brought them into the store for us! You gave us a courtesy call to let us know that our merchandise had arrived! You said "please" and "thank you" and told us to have a great night, and the entire time you had a great attitude and a smile on your face. You get it. And we appreciate it and show our appreciation by giving you money. Atta boy.

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