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***UPDATE*** I totally just left work to buy this CD at Best Buy for $9.99 and I'm listening to it right now and it is super good. Mind you, I totally love Britney, even in all of her maniacal glory, but I'm serious about recommending Blackout. This is a solid, cohesive dance album. Is it Britney that's the talent or the production? I'd go with the latter but regardless of who deserves the credit, the CD is totally worth a purchase. The whole CD. No one talks shit about Madonna when she makes albums just like this with the electronic vocals and strong dance tracks (Music? Confessions on a Dance Floor? Ray of Light?) so I don't think Brit deserves any flack if she's getting it. This was totally worth the wait.

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Coodence said...

Hey, listen. Randi. You're my BFF and I love you girl.

And I am so supportive of your love for Brit. Heck, someone's got to!

But comparing Britney with Madonna? That doesn't work anymore. It worked for a minute, when Brit was new and fresh and a hot little dancer who couldn't really sing but who cares?

Madonna is an icon. Brit is a former Mousketeer.