Birthday Wishes Haiku Friday

Happy Birthday, Buzz
Hope your day is fantastic
The Big Thirty Three
Visions of golf games
Sinking with the pink putter
Damn I'm good, right, Guns?
Wish you R&R
Watching football with a beer
Something on the grill


Buzz said...

You're definitely good.

Thank you Skurvy Girl!


Shora said...

Yay for long weekends!
Canadian Thanksgiving
Turkey and trimmings.

Itchy said...

I hate the weekends
I used to really love them
I'm a real downer

Sassy One said...

"Sinking with the pink putter"
...is that an innuendo of some sort??

exile said...

an enuendo?
"Sinking with the pink putter"
man you are dirty