Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yup. It was today. And I wasted it NOT talking like a pirate. Buzz did tell a nice joke:
What's a pirate's favorite kind of sock? Arrrrgyle
Yeah. So I went and got a tattoo...

OMG, if you click that you can totally see my Yeti-like leg hair.
This is for you Uncle Bubbo. You're moving to Germany soon. Every time I look at this, I'll think of you. I'll think of my many trips to visit you in SF and how I had to get a Skurvy item every time. A sweatshirt from Market because the weather changed. An umbrella, scarf and beanie from Sausalito after a spectacular day of ferries and ice cream. I'll think of how you had the Skurvy tee first and I totally copied you. I'll think of the socks you got for Christmas. I'll think of driving Vehicular, who has her own Skurvy, those almost 400 miles each way, each visit, all by myselft to the Castro.
I'll think of you. And I'll miss you. And I'll love you.
This is my fifth tattoo. The others can be seen here.


Buzz said...

I think it's badass...


exile said...

awwwww you have cute little wookie hairs, hehehe

exile said...

btw, this so counts as an HNT

Sassy One said...

That's an awesome tat!
I love it!

Hella said...

Okay so I am slow on seeing this. For this I offer my apologies!
Loving the new ink though....I am soooo dying to get more done.

"Hi my name is Hella and I am a tattoo addict!"