Swear Word Haiku Friday

Seven dirty words
Cocksucker, motherfucker
Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, tits
Want more? Fart, turd, twat.
My! Such colorful language.
Thank you, George Carlin
Cuss like a sailor
Couldn't speak without bad words
What's your favorite?


Coodence said...

My favorite is fuck.
But I also like Coont.

Shora said...

I can't even TYPE the c-word, let alone utter it.

Buzz said...

My fav is "Motherfucker"

But my swearing talent is a little more refined than most, being a former sailor and all.


Itchy said...

Dammit Dammit Yay
That is my favorite one
Shit is number two

JsTzznU said...

I find myself saying fuck a lot more than I should.. guess living with my 20 yo step-daughter who's every other word is fuck, is rubbing off on me.

exile said...

i just love pussy
it's just so warm and friendly
wait... did you mean words?

Sassy One said...

Say "shit, fuck, damn, hell"
in one gigantic mouthful,
it's satisfying.

hotdrwife said...


Absolutely, hand downs, my favorite.

Throw in monkey with fucker with that, and I'm happy.