Sports Themed Haiku Friday

Dodger game tonight
My last game of the season
They better not lose
October's coming
That means it's hockey season
Nice little segue
Football's fun I guess
Root for the Dallas Cowboys
That's my brother's team


ceedee said...

Romo's a Homo...at least that's what the t-shirts say here in Philly...Romosexual!

Buzz said...

The Cowboys...

Very clever of them to do their training camp in the Nard for all those years. Lots of Dallas fans in the 805.


Shora said...

Go 'boys! They've always been my team.

I'm driving down to Indy in November to see the Colts / Pats game. Woo hoo! One of those "before I die" things I can cross off my list.

Happy weekend babe.