Premature Halloweenulation

Is anyone else curious as to why they released Halloween on August 31 instead of, you know, October 31? Did Rob Zombie think that was just too cliche? Should I try to italicize at least one word in each sentence? Just for impact purpose? No? Ok.
Since I am the world's biggest pussy when it comes to scary movies, I'm not exactly sure why I actually wanted to see this in the theater the weekend it came out. All I know is that Mr. Zombie is pretty kickass and Michael Myers is one scary mo-fo. Just seemed like a good combo. Only... not really. There is a lot of background as to how MM got to be the crazy that he is and at times that makes the momentum drag a bit. The murder scenes are vicious and brutal but I thought with Zombie's touch they'd be a little more campy. But that mask? Is still seriously creepy. I believe it's supposed to be William Shatner if my memory serves me correctly. Well, Captain Kirk, but really aren't they one in the same? Oh, and there are plenty of nubile, young, half-nekked, screaming teen girls to serve as eye candy for the horny teenage boys in the audience. Or the preteens whose breeders feel it is appropriate to bring to an R-rated matinee. Frankly, I think the original served its purpose as a fright fest but this pre-quel didn't really scare me, per se. It more made me squirm and jump a couple times. Plus, you know, Jamie Lee Curtis is not in this one... Maybe I'm just not feeling Halloween-y seeing as it's Labor Day weekend and the sun is shining and the weather is warm. Or maybe, just maybe, this movie sucked. Hmmm... that could be it.

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