Vehicular's New Shoes

040507 018

Jesus Harold Christ on a crucifix. I love driving my little Turbo but she is sucking my bank account dry. Now I know how a man must feel to be married. Zing! But seriously, folks. After the blowout on Saturday night I knew that at least one new tire was in my near future. When I examined the others, I saw that one was in pretty bad shape, the other is about 50,000 miles old and that left me with one decent tire. That would be the one I had to buy last year when I found a nail sticking out of my sidewall. The cynic in me thinks it must have been some punk kid with a nail gun when in reality someone probably hit a nail while they were driving and it ricocheted into my tire. So I figured, screw it, let's get a brand new set. Thankfully, the good people at GoodYear have a credit line that gave me an $80 rebate and 4 tickets to the San Diego Zoo to take away some of the pain of my total: $957.59. Yowza! Nothing like some high performance tires to run you right into bankruptcy. "Luckily" I have something like 90 days interest free to pay those bad boys off but I'm still feeling the sting. Now I've got about 800 miles before I have to drop several hundred more dollars on Vehicular for her 50,000 mile service. Add that to the price of gas and my already sky high car and insurance payments and let me tell you, I'm just thrilled at the amount of money I'm spending just to be able to drive. Ah, the joys of car ownership.


Buzz said...

Trade her ass in!

Seriously though, I had a truck that was my baby, my pride, my road dawg. It was a sad day when I traded it in for the Hoe. But not THAT fuckin' sad!!! Haha.


Itchy said...

When I read stuff like this I'm reminded that I'm super happy that I married a handy dude. Car needs brakes? Oil change? Belt? A/C work? Wipers? Transmission fluid? Gas? Spark plugs? He's got me covered. No expense there other than parts. And when you see the difference in the price of parts when you can go get them and put them on yourself, you'll go to the maintenance people and demand a steak dinner for that fucking they gave you...

Sassy One said...

I had to buy a new bloody windshield yesterday. $200 I didn't have..after I spent $40 to fill the damn tank.

But at least I have wheels right??