Vamos A La Playa

Growing up in a coastal community in California is always something I take for granted. I mean, how many people live within walking distance of the beach? How many can enjoy the fog that rolls in or the cool ocean breeze? It is truly something to appreciate. Only I hardly ever do. Take for instance, yesterday. It was an absolutely perfect day outside and what were my plans? To sit on my couch and read. Indoors. Luckily I am friends with someone that hearts the beach and is a surfer/boogie boarder and he invited me to accompany him. So I threw on my swimmers and grabbed my bag full of beach supplies and we were on our way.
Did we go to the beach within walking distance? No. That would be too simple. Instead we drove north about 15 miles, just past Ventura to the state beaches. When we arrived, the dogies were at play, the sand crowded with fellow beach go-ers and the air filled with the playful shrieks of children. It was a gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky. I lathered up in my SPF15 sunblock and cracked open a Pacifico and a set off to finish the book I was reading. For anyone that is interested in true crime stories or history in general, I highly recommend Erik Larson's The Devil In The White City. It's about the Chicago World Fair in the 1890s and how it came to fruition with a backstory of a serial murderer on the loose during that time. I learned so much and was highly entertained, a win-win for sure.
After much reading and lounging I decided that I should test the waters. I started with a tiptoe into the cold and was immediately covered in goosebumps and retreated back to the warmth of my towel. Then I saw how much fun everyone was having and decided to go for it. So I plunged ahead and ended up swimming for over a half an hour. Once my body was acclimated to the temperature the water felt glorious. I felt like a kid again, jumping in the waves. When I was too exhausted to continue I stepped back on the sand and was dizzy from the weightlessness of the ocean. I could have slept there on the sand, with the sound of the lapping waves singing their lullabye to me. Sigh. It was, all in all, a great day. A day that could have been wasted in my apartment. Moral of that story? There's a whole world out there, give it a go.


Herr Feldstein said...

You are a friggin' maniac! Actually swimming in the sea at your age?

Maine said...

That's where fish live.

But it sounds cool. Yuo leave by a beach! Go there more!! Do it!!

Glib Gal said...

Love that book. Picked it up at an airport a couple of years ago. A great read.
I grew up in the coastal community too. Now that I moved away I go to the beach more often than I did when I lived there. Go figure.

Shora said...

I guess it's kinda like how I never go up the CN Tower or visit Niagara Falls.