• I bit the inside of my lip and continue to bite the same spot over and over. It has now turned into a wee scab-covered hill that I will inevitably continue to bite until it heals.
  • Did you know 143 was code for "I love you?" Me neither.
  • My professor and I agree that global warming is a scare tactic and Al Gore's money-making scheme.
  • QB showed up at my office unexpectedly last week and has continued to call and ask me to hang out since then. I finally relented last night and we watched TV. No hanky panky.
  • I received two invitations to Dodgers games this week and had to decline both of them due to school and work. Being a responsible adult sucks sometimes.
  • Chicken fried steak, fresh veggies and white cheddar mashed potatoes make for a fine supper. Especially when followed by a Pizookie.
  • It's almost the long weekend and I have nary a plan and I like it that way.
  • The guy that sits in the cubicle behind me clips his nails almost every day. Who has nails that grow that quickly?
  • I've developed quite the fondness for Sun Chips lately.
  • Please leave your recommendations for songs for me to download in the comment section below because I have 50 free ones that I'd like to get crackin' on.


Coodence said...

No sound bothers me more than the sound of fingernails being clipped.


Itchy said...

The Foo Fighters have a new album coming out in September. I'm gonna be all over that...

I worked with some people who cut their TOE nails at work. With thier scissors. And not over the trash. Just...under the desk. And the IT person had to crawl under them from time to time. She still has nightmares...

Shora said...

I wrote an entire blog post on the subject of nail clipping at work. It's just so wrong.

iTunes has a fun '80's ladies' compilation...