"Randi and HLP give it two thumbs up!" Considering my movie going experience started off with the yells of "FOCUS!" bellowing about the theater, things didn't seem like they were going to go very well. Then the trailer for this movie came on and things started looking up. They pretty much stayed up and I can honestly say I laughed consistently, sometimes harder than others. There were bits that were off a little timing-wise but all in all Superbad is definitely a must-see for anyone that ever went to or is enrolled in high school. Boy does it ever make the memories of first time, drunken make-out sessions and underage drinking come flooding back. I read in Entertainment Weekly that Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen didn't feel a realistic movie about high school could be made without an "R" rating and I think they're right. The language is blue to say the least but it's just like how we used to (haha "used to!" - still do) talk amongst friends. And the best part about Superbad is how it can make you practically wet your pants with laughter in one minute and can make you say sigh with sentimentality in the next. Well, that and the nod to 80s coming of age movies of yore with the gratuitous tittie shot in the first ten minutes. I don't know how they do it, but I hope they keep it up. McLovin is this generation's Cameron. Jonah Hill is as good, if not better, than he was in Knocked Up. And Michael Cera? Well he had me at Arrested Development. It's nice to see George Michael back in action. And it's nice that I can threaten stupid teenagers by saying "Shut your phone, chick" and HLP can snap her fingers and say "Zip it" with ferocity to the jabberjaws behind us. We're bad ass.
P.S. Missed you, Kevin.


kevin said...

I probably won't see it until this week. I am so sad that you saw it sniffle...

Oh by the way, went and saw Bourne here, it is nice to be in the movies and not have kids or teens on their cell phone. SO while I have lost you as my moving going buddy I have regained my sanity while in the movies.

Itchy said...

Oh how I love George Michael Bluth. Yes, yes, Micheal Cera. Whatever.

We went to see this yesterday, too. And because it makes me happy, I was carded before I could buy the tickets. By a teen aged girl. HA!

The penis artwork was a highlight for me. "It happens to like 8% of children."