Since March of 2006, a certain blogger, who shall go unnamed, and I have been corresponding by way of commenting on one another's blogs, rounds of e-mail tag and afternoons on Google chat. It started simply enough on the common ground that we both resided in the 805. Over time, though, it has developed into nothing less than a solid friendship with both of us hopeful it may have the potential to be more. He's coming to see me this weekend and we're going to meet for the first time. Honestly? It's all I can think about right now. I'm nervous. Excited. Giddy. So cross your fingers for me.
It's funny, this online meeting thing. Over the years I've tried dating sites, social networks like MySpace, even Craigslist to meet people. For the most part, it's just been a bevvy of freaks and weirdos. That all changed for last year when I met Kevin. Then I see how the world wide web has made a little love story out of Hella and Exile and I have to admit it gives me stomach butterflies. Not in an insane way, mind you. Just a fun, anticipatory way. It used to be you had to sort of find someone that was local when you wanted to meet people. By way of blogging, I have met people all over the United States and Canada that I wouldn't hesitate to call friends. I know I've said this before, but I'm so grateful to have "met" all of you and hope one day we can make it a face to face.
Signing off on Cloud 9.


Coodence said...

Cute dudie.

Member the guy with no hands? LOL. I love that story.

Maine said...

Enjoy it, friend.

Itchy said...

You know I'm excited for you. Yay!

kevin said...


Sassy One said...

Ohhhh! I hope all goes well!
My friend met her now husband online...and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Hella and Ex!!

It's funny how these silly little blogs can introduce you to the best people and make great distances seem to small :)

Shora said...

Um, is it "Kevin" "who shall go unnamed"?

I love it when you're smiling! xo

Hella said...

I got into blogging for regular reasons of needing to purge crap off my mind. Never did I ever think I would find love.
Its great to meet people off this little tool called Blogger!

So nice to read that you are all excited....best of luck to you Randi!!

Hollz said...

Wishing you the best, Love is amazing:)