Saturday's Visit

Buzz and I finally met face to face. He was kind enough to drive up all the way from San Diego (where BFF happens to be right now) and spend the day with lil' ol' me. I decided to start his visit off on the good foot by dragging him to Ojai for an outdoor lunch at Boccali's. Any visit that starts off with a meal that consists of a garden grown tomato salad, eases into a meat and fresh veggie pizza with a thick crust and climaxes with some of the finest strawberry shortcake this side of the Rio Grande, well... it's a tough act to follow. But things were consistently great all day. After lunch we decided to take in The Simpsons Movie. How I am only just seeing this is beyond me. I've been enjoying the cartoon for two decades, since it premiered on The Tracy Ullman Show. Simpsons quotes inevitably become ice breakers, arise at least once a day in casual conversation and are practically responsible for a couple friendships and the bond between me and my brother. I was long overdue. Unfortunately, while watching I was nagged once again by the same feeling I got when I saw Reno 911 in the theater: why did I pay to see this on the big screen? (Did you catch that? I totally linked to my own archives.) While the laughs were there, along with a couple moments that were not necessarily TV friendly, I felt that they could have easily released this as a Fox special and not charged me $9. 25. Remember when matinees were until practically dark? Not so much any more. Anyhoo, there is a very touching moment where Marge has to put Homer in his place and I will admit I was pretty close to tears. And Lord knows, the talent is there. So while I won't put it down, I just don't get this trend of bringing television to the movie theater.
Wow. How'd this turn into a movie review?
Afterwards, we headed out to the Ventura Pier for a leisurely stroll. It's funny, in the span of his visit, Buzz was able to enjoy pretty much all of the weather Ventura County has to offer. It was mild in Oxnard when he arrived, Ojai was warm with an enjoyable breeze, after the movie Oxnard was hot and in Ventura the wind was blowing in a cold front. It's pretty obvious in the pictures below:

This guy was fishing with half a chicken...
why not just eat that for dinner?
I spy Little Miss Sunshine...
Choppy waters at the pier
A most lovely evening
Stormy skies through an artsy eye

Despite the wind and cold, we were able to duck into the bar at Eric Ericsson's Fish Co. on the pier to grab some mutually loved Fat Tire and a nice snack of shrimp tostada. Thank God the mayonnaise-based deliciousness passed disguised and undetected into Buzz's mouth. Naturally, something had to come along to put a damper on our time together. And, no, the blame will not land on the belly tattoo exposing trashy waitress. Mother Nature decided to bend me over and give me a migraine. Incredible. Why wouldn't she? Sigh. Luckily, Buzz was very sympathetic and understanding and from what I understand, I didn't totally ruin our fantastic day together. So I sent him on his way with a baker's dozen of my famous chocolate chip cookies and a smile on our faces.
Thank you, Blogger, for bringing these two crazy kids together when the likelihood of us finding each other on our own seems highly unlikely.


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Lucky girl! I've been trying to get him up here to SF for a visit for years now. Glad you two had fun. :-)