Rockies 7, Dodgers 4 In 14

My Kickass Beer Coozy
Signature Reflection Shot
My Pink Hair Matches My Tank
Eli Hates His Picture Taken
Kickass Seats
On the way home at around 11ish (we left at the 11th),Vehicular got a flat tire on the 134 freeway. It was sort of scary just because the fear is there that I would hit someone else or lose control of her but I got to the shoulder without problems. Eli, even after many beers, jacked her up and exchanged her booboo for the spare. It was pretty awesome. Manly. It's sort of ironic because we left the game early because I was getting very sleepy and didn't want to put my driving at risk and we ended up getting home around the same time we would have gotten home if we'd stayed. And the driving was put at risk anyway. Go figure.


Buzz said...

Pretty girl...

Glad you weren't stranded on that highway, bet it was spooky enough while you were sitting there.

steve said...

Love the pics!!