Non Sequitur

"Things that do not follow." It's a perfect way to describe my Business Finance class last night. Our professor is the king of tangents. His sense of humor is very dry and he comes off at first like a total prick but it turns out he's just hilarious. He started off the class saying we're all going to get screwed at some point in our lives and that life, in general, is simply not fair. Then he went around asking all the boys what kind of tee shirts they were wearing because that's his other job. And how he has taught at every university in California. And how he hates Arnold Schwarzenegger because he supported his campaign and the Governator ended up being a liar. And how he is the biggest sports fanatic we will ever meet. He has been married 5 times and divorced 5 times because he attends so many sporting events. His sport of choice? Water polo. Random. I think the highlight of the evening is when he told us that if he had to pick between Los Angeles and Iraq where to drop the next H-bomb, he'd pick LA as long as USC walked away unscathed. When I, shock of all shocks, I corrected him on a math problem he was doing on the dry erase board he said that it wasn't wrong because "I never makes mistakes. I'm Superman." Plus, he's Indian like BFF. Hehe. How can you not love this guy?


Itchy said...

I concur. Life isn't fair.

But I gotta question anybody who is surprised to learn that any politician lied.

Buzz said...

Sounds like you're going to have a fun symester with this guy.