Mini-er Me Monday

I've lost 5 pounds since the tonsillectomy. Today I slipped on my "skinny" jeans without jumping around or lying on the bed. Last night, even though I was at the land of temptation (a.k.a. The Ventura County Fair), I only had a tiny little cup of chocolate chip cookie dough Dippin' Dots. Yum. I'm back on solids and have made a vow to myself that I won't go back to the old ways of eating. I ate a hot dog wiener (no condiments or bun) on Saturday and nearly cartwheeled with excitement. It's the little things, folks. Since the Vicodin all but murdered my appetite and destroyed my digestive system, I think my stomach has shrunk a bit. 11 days of hardly eating (and NO BOOZE) will do that to a gal I guess. After about a cup of food I'm stuffed. So I'll just try and keep it that way for a while. Measuring my portions. Ultimately I'd like to be down to my driver's license weight of 147 by the first of 2008. We'll see if I can keep on track. I'm only about 20 pounds away... 4 months... 5 pounds a month... doesn't seem totally unrealistic.


Coodence said...

You can do it, kiddo!

Sassy One said...

Yes you can!

Jessica said...

Yay for 5 pounds!

Also, I was at the Ventura County Fair Sunday, too! I ran into lots of people I once knew (and some I still do), but I didn't spot you. Too bad. I totally would have said hello even though we've never met in person. :)