Death By Snu Snu***

And speaking of blogger friends, one of my girls is going through a hard time right now. Innocent until proven guilty. That's all I will say about that. We, too, have been online acquaintances for some time now and I think she's the cat's pajamas. Sadly, there's another blogger out there, though I shan't link to her here, that finds it appropriate to "revel" over the fact that my girl is going through a rough patch.
By way of Mr. Vholes I mosied over and left her the following comment:
You know, reveling is rude. It doesn't make you look better to shit on someone when they're down. It just makes you look petty.
To which she replied:
Dear, sweet, amazonian, ignorant, Randi. As usual, the most ignorant and least involved are leading the charge to protect the virtue of someone only truly gifted at kissing ass and paying lip service (literally and figuratively). But considering the group, this comes as no shock. You are all so cute in your syncophantic self-righteousness.
My favorite part about her reply is that she immediately resorted to name calling. Only Amazonian? Is that an insult? That I'm a female warrior? Well, hell. I'll take it. Yup, she nailed it: I'm 5'8 and a buck sixty five so I'm not a petite little flower. But what does that have to do with anything? And did you catch that I'm ignorant? Because she mentioned it twice in less than ten words. And how am I self-righteous? Isn't she? Sigh. Her argument is nonsensical at best. And I'm glad she broke out the thesaurus for the word "syncophantic" because man, do I feel like a country hick now. And just for the record - spell check doesn't even recognize that word. The group she is referring to is a tight community of decent bloggers who I am proud and pleased to be affiliated with. So all in all I guess the only way to respond to this is to stoop to her childish level and say:
She's dumb.
The End
***Snu Snu


Coodence said...

It's cuz she spelled it wrong, lover.

Main Entry: sy·co·phant
slanderer, swindler, : a servile self-seeking flatterer

synonym see PARASITE

Either way, she is dumb.

love cod

Itchy said...

Good grief...

I'm constantly amazed when adults behave like 8th graders.

ren.kat said...

". Only Amazonian? Is that an insult? That I'm a female warrior? Well, hell. I'll take it."

Well, maybe she only meant that one of your breasts was missing?

I am looking forward to reading hour your meeting plays out.

Mr Vholes said...

How come I never got any of that literal lip-service?

Dark Damian said...

Not Amazonian enough, Mr. Vholes.

If I were a psychoanalyst (and I'm not), I might think there were some latent homosexual overtones in that insult of Randi. But I'm no professional, and 'tis but a baseless theory. Pay it no heed.

Hella said...

Gotta love people who are unhappy with their lives so much that feel it necessary to laugh at others while they are down!

P.s.. - I SO mentioned snu snu in a post like 2 days ago. SNU SNU is the best!!

Sassy One said...

Some people.
I got your back though..lol

Hollz said...

Whatever, Some people just suck... I guess their not happy with them selves.. Aw well, you rock!!!