Booty On Layaway Haiku Friday

Grownup Decisions
She called me "Ma'am" at Starbucks
Guess I'm getting old
A perfect evening
Smoking Loon, baking cookies
and Michael Buble
Labor Day weekend
Shout out to the laborers
Now let's barbecue


Itchy said...

Wore haiku t-shirt
Celebrate Haiku Friday
Will take a picture

Grownup decisions
invited to bite my ass
Regression is fun

Buzz said...

Have a Good Weekend!
All Seven Buffy Seasons?
Don't Forget to Smile!


Dark Damian said...

Booty! My best friend.
Being black, I love it so
Better than Kool-Aid.

Happy Labor Day!
I have a gig Saturday.
We will rock the house.

Wish you could be there.
Would you and your friends flash me?
Make me lose my mind?

Or would you just clap?
Smile and turn and walk away,
Making me wonder?

Well, at any rate,
I'll be sure to think of you
While I'm up on stage.

Have a great weekend.
Eat way way way way too much
Of good barbecue.

Sassy One said...

Been a busy girl,
Weekend is for relaxing,
and barbecues too.