Anticipation Haiku Friday

(no reason really but seriously wtf?)

It has a brand new meaning
X-Rated at best
Reveling Blogger
She has conceded defeat
Nice job, Mr. Vholes
He'll be here so soon
Visit to the 805
Testing the waters


Maine said...

Ew.... Coldstoning.... ew.........!

Itchy said...

Have fun dear Randi
Testing the waters not the
Coldstone Creamery

Coodence said...

homies in the tub
super cute picture. never
heard of coldstoning

Dark Damian said...

All hail Mr. Vholes.
He did what no one could do -
Shut that dumb bitch up.

Revelry indeed.
Maybe she should take a look
Inside her cold heart.

Thing is, she's so smart.
Full of intellect and wit.
Why go to these lengths?

I bear her no ill
Will or even evil thoughts.
Maybe one or two.

As for dudes in tubs?
Randi, baby, no no no.
Show me chicks instead.

(missed ya.)

hotdrwife said...

I suck at haiku, so I will second what you and DD both said.

And that picture? Holy Christ. That's just .... ew.