TMI Tuesday

Since I had to come into work at 3 a.m. today I am taking the easy road and doing yet another meme. Should you have any interest in such a thing, here's the link.
1. Describe your first kiss.
I was 15, just shy of people actually being able to say "Sweet 16 and never been kissed." It took place after watching Aladdin in Ventura. His name was Aaron and he looked just like a grown up version of that kid from A Christmas Story. Methinks he was in his 20s? "Inappropriate." Our chaste kiss occurred in the parking lot.
2. Should a person's pubic hair be trimmed, shaved, or just grown out as the jungle God intended it to be?
If your personal property resembles King Louis from The Jungle Book, I suggest you consider a trim. Had God intended for us to look like bushmen, why would He have given us razors and scissors? Considering I've hit puberty, I take pride in hair on my nether region but it doesn't need to be braidable. The whole shaved/waxed hairless look is a bit too chomo for me.

3. What's the best super-hero comic book movie ever made?
Personally I am going to have to go with Batman Begins. While I have always been a big fan of Tim Burton's incarnation, this one blew my socks off. Christian Bale as a ninja Batman? Yes, please.

4. Coke or Pepsi?
'Nuff said.
5. Have you ever been caught masturbating?
I am pretty sure I got caught as a wee one but not so much as an adult...
6. Which way do you lean your head when going for a kiss?
I tend to lean to the right. It's been a while. I'm willing to go either way.
7. Jockstraps, sexy or no?
This guy leads me to answer "Hells yes."
Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever used the excuse, "Oh, I was so drunk that night, I don't remember a THING!"
I can proudly say I have never blacked out whilst drinking. My memory is questionable as is, I don't even need to blame it on the booze.


exile said...

i wonder how i'd rank in my monkey huggers

Scooter said...

Kiss after Aladdin? Was it that Peabo Bryson song that sparked it?

Sassy One said...

So your willing to go either way eh?