***Warning*** This movie is not suitable for children.
The hell you say! Well if the behavior of the kiddies in the audience is proof of anything, it will be that Ratatouille is not going to hold their attention or grab their interest. Either that or parents just don't know the power they are capable of wielding over the wee ones and instead think a hush is more effective than the threat of a beating when they get home. Is that to say this was not an enjoyable animated feature? Not at all. I found it fairly entertaining. It wasn't one of my favorite Pixar adventures but it was able to tickle a few laughs out of me. The cast was charming but not particularly memorable. And for some reason, Gusteau's ghost scared the bejesus out of me every time he popped out of no where, poor post-traumatic stress syndrome sufferer that I am. Mostly, though, Ratatouille just made me hungry. Someone with an appetite like mine should probably not be watching a movie based in a kitchen. Needless to say, after the credits rolled I took the fast track to the nearest restaurant for some cheese-laden French onion soup. It only seemed appropriate. If it's behind the scenes of a restaurant you're after, however, I'm going to suggest you skip this flick and pick up Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, former chef and star of the show No Reservations on the Discovery Channel. It will be much more satisfying.


Sassy One said...

I thought the movie was pretty cute, and like you it made me hungry so I went for lunch after.

Itchy said...

I don't understand why all the critics are saying this is Pixars best movie ever. It's good, I like it...but not better than Nemo. Or Cars. Or The Incredibles. Or Toy Story. It doesn't beat them. But it's good.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it in a theatre full of children. It was quiet and nice and they applauded when it was over. I expected to be in my own version of hell.

Buzz said...

I liked it. I'm a closet chef though so the subject matter stayed fresh for me. Good story, good fun, animation was clever.

Gusteau pissed me off since he was so blatently morbidly obese though.

"Not anyone can cook, but a cook can come from anywhere..."