Home Again, Home Again

Jiggity Jig. The tonsillectomy went very well. I had to go to the hospital on Friday at 7 a.m. and my surgery was scheduled for 9. I had my very first IV. The hospital gown had a tube that blew hot air into it like a little insulated blanket. It was quite lovely, as were all of my nurses and attendees. I don't recall being given my anesthesia, only having the anesthetist ask me if I was in the center of the operating table. I responded "I think so" and the next thing I knew I was in the recovery room. They sent me home around 1.
Honestly? Up until today my pain has been minimal. Of course, the liquid Vicodin every four hours takes all of the credit. My diet has consisted mostly of Jamba Juice, Jell-o and Udon soup. And so much water. So much. The most fun part of that is a side-effect of Vicodin that makes it hard to get the ol' pee flow started. As of yesterday, I'd lost two pounds which is a far cry from the ten they threatened me with but I'll take it. Since misery loves company, my Aunt Flo decided to show up for a visit which is just what I need. Another fun side effect of the Vicodin? Constipation. Let me tell you, it's nothing but good times in my house.
Let's see what else I can tell you... Oh, I sound like a deaf girl with very special needs. Because of this I got very special treatment at the supermarket. I actually had to tell the cashier that I only had my tonsils out. He turned a lovely shade of red. My mom and I figure I should be asking for donations for the little cards with sign language on them. I could make a couple bucks on the side while I'm out of work. Other than that? It's pretty frickin' boring.
I would like to give a hearty thanks to BFF for my beautiful flowers; to Crusty for Monsoon Wedding, SNL:The Best of Chris Farley and rocket popsicle molds; to Shora for Monsters, Inc. which is making its way to me now; and to everyone that has sent me emails and text messages and have come by to visit. You guys are so sweet to succumb to my begging for special treatment. I love you all very much.


Sassy One said...

Glad you feeling better :)

hotdrwife said...

Man!! I'm so jealous. When I had mine out in 95, I had to stay over night at the hospital. And all I wanted was a hot bath when I got home (and that was a 2.5 hour drive). Got to my house and we had absolutely no hot water, actually no water at all. Really sucked.

Glad you are feeling better!! :)

Shora said...

Why is there no mention of ice cream in this story?!?!?!

David's Traveling said...

maybe the extra 8 pounds are all corked up in your system. Better install some splash guards for when things start to move again.