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This weekend, HLP invited me along with her familials once again to go camping. This is the same place we went a couple weeks ago that led to the "broken" rib incident after I was flung from a raft onto a lake that felt like it was made of solid concrete. However, that catastrophe apparently did not instill much fear in me as I got right back on that raft again this weekend. I am happy to report I suffered no injuries. Well sort of. I attempted to wake board but I wasn't exactly successful. After about 7 tries I accepted that I had no upper body strength. For the most part, I walked away unscathed but I did wake up with a pretty gnarly bruise on my calf that I am sure is a byproduct of said attempt. Better to walk away with a bruise than to not try at all, right?
What is it about camping that leads one to completely forsake hygiene and lose all self-consciousness? Where else can you walk around in a bathing suit half the day and your pajamas the second half? Deodorant? Optional. Shower? None for me thanks. From about 8 o'clock Friday evening until 9 o'clock last night, this was the life I was leading: sporadic naps, water sports, lounging and delicious eats. And this time I was awake for S'mores! Delicious. There is simply nothing better. I learned my lesson about the sunblock so I have nary a burn on my body. My formerly burnt armpits never did peel but they did leave a lovely dark "stain" beneath each arm. However, my newly golden skin is currently hiding that loveliness.
Summer time and the living's easy, indeed. My muscles are a bit sore this morning but my frame of mind is tremendously overhauled. Last week was rough but even though it's Monday I've got a smile on my face. I got to play with a bunch of wee ones over the weekend and my desire to procreate is at an all-time high. I had mommy status down pat: sunblock and water for the kiddies. The towel wrap-up. The playing of games. The snuggling. Siiigh. Am I too young to consider adoption and/or artificial insemination at the ripe age of 30?

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Itchy said...

I've had the complete opposite reaction this weekend. I've spent a lot of time with my niece, which I love. Love her a lot. But I'm super duper glad my name is "Aunt" and not "Mom." WHEW!