Miss Hella made me do it:

1. I get tonsilloliths. When I was a senior in high school I got a wicked bad throat infection that left my tonsils looking like honeycombs. So now I get these. And the only reason I know what they are is by way of Googling "tonsil deposits." Apparently, I am not the only one suffering from this affliction.

2. I have the uncontrollable urge to tidy up. I'll be the first one to clear the table or pick up trash at a party, even my own. Just the other night I did my brother's dishes while I was babysitting E just because I didn't want to see the clutter.

3. There are three main foods I dislike and have stated this ad nauseum: bologna, whole olives, Swiss cheese. The bologna because I OD'd on it one summer in North Dakota while staying with my aunt in her trailer. My staple was bologna and American cheese microwaved together. This was also the same time I attempted the Ogilve home perm so there were a lot of bad choices made that summer. The olives because, again, of ODing. I used to put them on each finger when I was wee and pop 'em in my mouth. I'm over that now. Swiss cheese? Well I just don't like it unless it's the Laughing Cow triangular pieces of goodness.

4. Almost every time I go to Farmer's Market I touch the spicy Chinese cracker snack bags though I have yet to purchase any. Ever. Nor shall I.

5. I compulsively delete my incoming/outgoing phone call records and sent text messages on my phone. Apparently I'm covering my tracks for no reason.

6. I have a very difficult time with the words "Multiple Sclerosis." If I don't say it slowly it comes out "Multipler Scrosis."

7. I have never waxed any hair on my body nor do I have the urge to. No matter how many times it is suggested. I pluck my eyebrows every morning just to avoid the hot wax and it doesn't matter how much better they'd look if I'd only let someone shape them. My cookie will also never feel hot wax or the sensation of hair ripping from the follicles.

I'm not much of a tagger so if you want to do this knock yourself out. Do it here for all I care.


Buzz said...

So, is this just like 7 things about you?

Itchy said...

Yeah...so I went wild one time and decided that I was going to do some waxing of my, as you put it, cookie region. You are wise, Randi. A wise girl indeed.

I put the wax on, then instantly regretted that decision and I had to have my husband rip the strip off for me. Not a nice sexy moment in our lives...not at all.

Sassy One said...

Amen. No wax near my cookie. Ever.
Brazilian waxing is definitely out too.