Pulled Over By The PoPo Haiku Friday

Driving back from lunch
I saw the blue and red lights
So I pulled over
Highway patrolman
My problem? Tinted windows
That way for four years
My cherry on top
He left for a collision
No fix it ticket


Buzz said...

Vehicular Manslaughter is too tough a name to put into a haiku, so I'm not even going to try.

Have a great weekend Randi!

Sassy One said...

Show him your boobies,
give them and jiggle and shake,
Poof! No more ticket!

Rhys said...

Eek! No fair! :( I say four years has earned you the right to stay that way. Great haiku though.

exile said...

oh little randi,
it wasn't about your window.
just wanted you in cuffs

The Scooterish One said...

Was it Erik Estrada? Do they still wear those helmets like in CHIPS?