Lucky Number 13

Eleven was truly enjoyable. Like everyone else in the free world, I loathed Twelve. Had it not been for Kevin dragging me to Thirteen, I probably would have skipped it all together. It's for this very reason that I fear this movie review will be mediocre at best. So I'll just ramble. Ellen Barkin is smokin' hot. George Clooney is not too shabby himself. Let's just say, you will not be wanting for eye candy as far as the cast goes but I've yet to find the appeal of Brad Pitt, his philandering aside. I guess he's just not my type. The heist wasn't predictable for this viewer but it appears Kevin saw it coming. Sporadic laughter was elicited but I thought the funniest parts of the movie were the Mexico scenes. Las Vegas looks really appealing to me right now. Yeah. I think you can wait for video on this one.


Buzz said...

Thanks for the review, guess chosing Surf's Up over 13 was the right choice.


kevin said...

Well it was better than spiderman