Love Thursday

Today rather than list the things I love (i.e. my nephew, blue skies, etc.) like I was planning on doing I wanted to focus on the things I love about myself. The sad thing about our society is that I am a size 10/12 depending on who's making the clothes. And when I look in the mirror I feel like I've failed somehow. Why? Because I'm not a single-digit clothing size? Because I am not a celebrity with endless amounts of money to pay for personal trainers and cooks? Because 8 hours a day I am virtually tied to a desk and at the end of my day I'd rather go home and veg than run on a treadmill? Seems pretty stupid to me.
I love that I:
  • Am a loyal friend
  • Make people laugh
  • Am told I'm a pleasure to work with
  • Catch on quickly
  • Am an aunt
  • Have pretty brown eyes
  • Support myself living on my own
  • Am finishing my college education even though it's a bit late
  • Get As and Bs in my classes
  • Am a forgiving person
  • Have great relationships with my family
Damn. That felt good. What do you like about me? Haha. Just kidding.


Buzz said...

Good post kiddo...

Fuck a treadmill anyways, I have one in my spare bedroom and I hang shit on it.


Coodence said...

Great post! Inspiring.
You do have beautiful eyes.

Sassy One said...

You are damn funny and damn good lookin' too!

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves about our good qualities.

steve said...

Hey love that post and yes I think your eyes are beautiful just like the rest of you!! So there!! :-}

Joshua said...

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Feel free off course to comment as you wish and remember: don't take it wrong, don't think that this visitation I make is a matter of more audiences for my own blogg. No. It's a matter of making universal, realy universal, all this question of bloggs, all the essential causes that bring us all together.

I think it's to UNITE MANKIND that we became bloggers! Don't see language as an obstacle. That's not the point. Pictures talk also. Open your heart and come along!!!!!

Rhys said...

Hooray for you! Great post. Don't forget your writing talent, kindness, beautiful smile (beautiful everything!), determination, spirit, and your power to inspire. just to name a few.

Shora said...

And dimples! Don't forget your dimples.

I miss you. Life is just too crazy lately. xoxoxoxo