The Little Blogger That Could

Wow. I feel like such a jerk for not blogging yesterday. BFF really drove the point home that if I didn't update daily I hated my blog. See how jokes can get out of hand? For the record, I will blame my newly acquired injury and the all-around mania that Mondays generally possess for the delay in updates.
This weekend was so much fun. I was going to wait and do a whole camping post with pictures included but, really, who has the time? Hetero Life Partner invited me to the lake with her familials and we had a blast. I'll try and do a time line sort of snippet post and then maybe, if you're lucky, you'll get pictures tomorrow. I make no promises, though, because I'm going to see Ocean's 13 with Kevin tonight. Then again, what the hell do you care, right? On with the show:
  • Friday night at Carl's Jr and/or Taco Bell in Fillmore is the place to be. 3 busloads full o'chirruns probably returning from Magic Mountain. I've never seen lines like that at a fast food joint.
  • HLP has no sense of direction. We ended up going right and she had a feeling that was wrong and so we flipped a bitch and went left. 20 minutes later, in the middle of a desolate corn field, we realized right was right after all and we turned around.
  • On Saturday morning I saved HLP from a pincher bug. Crushed it with my own fingers. If that's not true love I don't know what is.
  • That was also the day of my injury. I was flung from a U-Tube raft (as pictured below but that's Ruby Soho, not me) that was being pulled by a boat going approximately 45 mph. Held on like a G for at least two and a half minutes but then the raft decided to flip three times and throw me in a seated position on my right side onto a lake that felt like it was made of concrete. Did the dead man's float in the water because the wind was knocked clear out of me. Pretty sure that if my ribs aren't broken, they are either fractured or badly bruised. Poor ribs. It hurts to laugh, cough, sneeze, breathe, bend over and drive stick shift. Pity me.
  • Back at camp I passed out on a reclining lawn chair. Sawed logs while the rest of the campers enjoyed s'mores without me. Damn you, HLP for not waking me up.
  • Unintentionally came up with a poem about foreplay. Like to hear it? Here it go: Boobie, boobie, cookie, boobie. Come on, daddy, give it to me.
  • We had the pleasure of sharing camp with the tiniest two-month old German Shepherd puppy. He had no name but I named him Trouble because every where anyone went, Trouble followed.
  • Sunscreen (as featured smeared on my swimsuit below) is very important. Remember, though, to put it ALL over. I missed two spots on each armpit so I am now blessed with sun burnt half-moons on both pits. Sexy.


Buzz said...

sunburnt pits... No fun, no fun at all...

Glad you had a good trip though,


Itchy said...

Dude....falling off of a tube that way is harsh! (is this 1992? Am I starring in Clueless?)

Also harsh? The sunburn. Ouch. Your pits, my thighs...perfect sunburny match. I highly recommend Aloe with Lidocane. I'd make out with it if I could...

Sassy One said...

I have a poem about foreplay too:

You better give me some boobie boobie cookie boobie, or you ain't getting jack shit.

Doesn't flow as nicely, but I think it gets a point out.

Buzz said...

Pretty girl...

How the sunscreen ended up on your swimsuit and not your armpits is beyond me...



Itchy said...

Hurray for picture updates!

You look GREAT!