Lengthy and Somewhat Pointless

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while you are well aware that I have sort of nominated myself the class wrangler for reunions. I recently sent out an e-mail requesting updated contact information and people took that to mean they should press "Reply All" and update everyone on their goings on. My bad for not BCCing but who knew that the word hadn't gotten out about the tackiness of "Reply All?" The exchange below was too priceless not to post. Names have been deleted to protect the innocent.

He Said:

I've been in Oxnard since inception... Lol... No, I left and came back like so many. I'm currently in India training other computer associates to do the job that I do for a Software company in Santa Barbara in the evenings when we are asleep. As some of you know, I went straight after school and joined the Marines. I left that position after 6 years of the reserve and haven't looked back until my stay in India. The world needs warriors, and although most of you won't agree with me, there is a reason that the United States is where it is today, and that is due by a large part to the sacrifices that many people in the military have made throughout the ages, as well as philanthropists and artists I'm sure, however, action speaks louder than words or works. At any rate, I hope that life finds most of you contented in your endeavours, whether rich or poor, or married or single... I for one am not going to sit at the bar and drink my life away like some of you aspire to, rather enrich our country and people with personal sacrifices that they take for granted. From being in India, I at times feel that most of the people in America need to wake the fuck up and realize what they have got compared to the rest of the world. It's a sobering experience to say the least. I for one was the first to sit in the bar and drink away, however, now the experience has changed, and I see the world through a clouded lens... From the Fine Doctors and other professionals that I am speaking to, may your endeavours treat you for the remainder of your days. I respect you and honor your commitment to your profession, however, I for one will stand against tyranny, and will fight to the death for your freedom. Any comments please let me know... Both myself and (anonymous) joined the Corps. We are brothers who went to high school together, yet did not cross paths in the military, yet if the shit hit the fan, both of us would protect each other as if our lives depended on it. Tell me I'm wrong, (anonymous)... I wish that all of you have had great experiences such as this and again, no harm in my message to any of you...
Always Faithful,

She Said:

Hello (anonymous),
Wow - that was an intense e-mail. It sounds like you've had a very interesting life since High School. That... is great for you. However, I don't think you understand the purpose of the contact list. It was my understanding that the contact list be used to 1) Let Randi know if you were interested in a "get together" and 2) Have fun getting in contact with people you may not have spoken to for the last 12 yrs. I don't think criticism was on the list. So... let me get this straight. A good American citizen is A.) Someone who doesn't drink in a bar. What about the thousands of American soldiers (your brothers) who are drinking in bars at this very moment. I know my fair share of soldiers. B.) Someone (like you) who goes to another country to teach men and women to take American jobs. That is what you do, right? Software company in California training computer associates in India - Is that so your software company can pay them less money? Wow, you really do sound like a human rights activist. I'm happy that you're happy - I'm glad you're so passionate but don't use the contact list to belittle the rest of us. Whether we drink in a bar or not... I'm pretty sure we're all proud Americans doing important work for the next generation.
No harm in my message,
P.S. GO AMERICA! We respect and appreciate our American Soldiers!


exile said...

i hate when people reply all

it's not that damn complicated... sigh...

Maine said...

This message was brought to you by the stick up his ass and his obvious need to get laid more often than he does.