First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

April 19 - May 19

If you analyze your life, you will see that it has completely changed over the past twelve months, dear Taurus. You have matured as an individual, and your actions have only been beneficial to yourself and those around you. Try to make changes as often as you can. You can't stop now! You need to feel that your life is evolving all the time. There is no time to rest!

How is that for a moral of the story Hump Day? And I didn't even have to write it. MSN Horoscopes said it all for me. Yesterday after the rant I decided that if a change is to be made, I am going to be the one who makes it. And after a full day of healthy eating at the work place and 8 whole days without candy, I went to the gym. For the first time since the 4th of this month. And I didn't wimp out after half an hour like I usually do. No, sir. Half an hour on the elliptical, another half an hour on the treadmill. Because after sitting on my ass for eight hours a day, my body deserves to be active for at least an hour. Right?
It seems the devil designed the shopping center in which my gym lies because when you emerge from a sweaty work out, you get slapped in the face by the tempting and overwhelming smell that is In-N-Out. For those of you outside of California, I pity you. Come and have one. Anyway, the folks wanted me to bring them burgers for dinner and I had yet to eat so I figured I would just eat with them. Instead of getting the Double Double meal with fries and a huge sodie like I usually do, though, I decided to get a regular cheeseburger (can't do hamburgers) and mooch of their fries instead of getting my own. And I washed it down with clear, cool water instead of delicious carbonated goodness. Baby steps.
And instead of vegging out in front of the boob tube, I went to the market to stock up on wholesome vegetables and good eats. When I got home I walked to the Eli's to drop off the beer that shall no longer haunt my fridge. And do you know what the result of healthy eating and all that exercise is? Unanticipated bowel movements. We're talking a "turtle head pokin' out." Dear Lord did I run home. TMI? Maybe. All I know is if I hadn't been wearing shorts I would have considered just going in my pants. Dang.
So here's to new beginnings. Hats of to you, BFF, for getting the diet and fitness ball rolling.


Buzz said...

Turtle heads can show up at the most innoportune times.

Glad you survived in-n-out without going butt-nuts crazy.


JJ said...

Congrats on the new found motivation. I'm finally exercising again too - in the form of skateboarding.

I feel like such an old douche skating at 31, but it's so much fun...

Sassy One said...

I hate when I'm in a store and I start prairie-doggin it.