1408 Is Great!

That title, my friends, is the very text message I sent Eli and Hetero Life Partner last night after seeing 1408 with my good buddy, Kevin over at Pointless Banter. Poor, unsuspecting Kevin. I tried to adequately warn him that scary movies equal a jumpy Randi but I don't think he really knew what he was in for. Nor did the gentleman seated in front of us. As we were leaving the theater, he said he wished I would have warned him too. I had my doubts about this movie solely based on its PG-13 rating. Then BFF, in her infinite wisdom, made the valid point that the best thing about scary movies is the stuff you can't see but ends up getting seen in the R-rated films: rape, murder, blood and guts, etc. Good example? Signs had me on the edge of my seat until I saw the alien... then? Not so much. 1408 is all about twists and turns and is totally suspenseful. The tension just builds and builds. At one point, when I was curled up in a ball on the chair, feet tucked under my butt with my hoodie over my head and my hands covering my eyes, Kevin hit my leg. I think I shat myself. Maybe a squirt of pee pee came out. I can't be sure.
I'm a bit naive when it comes to watching movies so I saw none of it coming. Kevin, on the other hand, made a few brilliant calls. Turns out I watch movies like I am in them and he watches them as if he's writing them. And there you have it. John Cusack basically owns this movie and is alone in the majority of the scenes. Watching him slowly unravel is a spectacle in and of itself. He's such a great and convincing actor. And Samuel L. Jackson? By dropping the F-bomb only once, he makes his tiny role unforgettable. 1408 is based on Stephen King's short story and considering that another story of his, The Shining, is the scariest movie ever in my humble opinion, I think I can safely give it my seal of approval. We'll just forget about Sleepwalkers and its incestuous cat people that tarnished Mr. King's good name.

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Itchy said...

I'm gonna have to add this one to my list then, aren't I? Man. My movie list is getting kinda longish. But John Cusack? Love him. Stephen King? Love his weird ass, too.

I bet I have a better chance of getting the husband to see this than I do Die Hard. Dammit...