Unsolicited Product Endorsement

There are many things I love about being a woman but migraine headaches are not one of those things. Yesterday after lunch one hit me and hit me hard. The color drained from my face. Nausea invaded my stomach. Dizziness took over. That familiar tension crept through my right shoulder, up the right side of my neck and ended like an ice pick stabbing into my right eyeball until my peripheral vision in that eye was all but nonexistent. Sounds fun, right?
And for what? To signal that my Aunt Flo was coming for a visit? Thanks, but I don't need advance notice. She's been visiting for 18 years. I'm very aware of her imminent arrival. And? I really do not need to be leaving work early because of the ridiculous discomfort. But I did. I had no choice. While I wish I had taken my medicine at the first sign of the migraine, I didn't. My pills were at home. But when I finally took them, I fell into a deep nap that lasted about 2 hours. By the time I woke up, my migraine had disappeared. I was left with a little bit of wooziness but that passed. This morning I'm suffering from what I like to refer to as a "migraine hangover" where traces of that pain are still there only not to the degree they were yesterday. At this time I would like to suggest that if you, too, are a migraine sufferer, talk to your doctor about Imitrex. It's an amazing little pill and while the side effects sound terrifying, I have had no better prescription for said ailment. Also? BenGay Pain Relieving Patches for tension of the neck, shoulder and back. I stock these at home and suggest you do the same. They're a godsend.
Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Coodence said...

The Migraine Hangover is the worst. I mean, not as bad as the actual Migraine itself, but it sucks. Real bad.
Real bad.

Sassy One said...

As long as one of the side effects isn't "anal seapage"

fyrchk said...

I suffer from migraines too. I have ended up in the ER more than once. Another thing I do (besides the imitrex) is sit in the bathtub with the shower on just letting it hit my head and the back of my neck. It's nice. That is all.