Shrek 3

I'm not sure what the critics want. Or why cartoons need criticism to begin with. I mean, really. Anyone who has an affinity for the first two installments will find Shrek The Third entertaining. It's no masterpiece, but then I don't think it needed to be as it is for children. The computer animation never ceases to amaze and impress me. Prince Charming's facial blemishes and hair follicles are so freaking realistic I actually forgot he was make believe for a hot second. That could have something to do with the three mojitos I pounded beforehand, however. Man. Mojitos are good. And? I had some Queso Fundido dip which is basically melted cheese with sauteed mushrooms and chorizo. Can you say happy hour? But I digress. This movie definitely made me laugh out loud more than once. The characters are still lovable. Justin Timberlake as Prince Arthur (or "Artie") is great. There is a lot of comedic talent providing voices but they sort of don't get to shine to their full potential due to sheer volume of cast members. Um, I didn't even know my boyfriend Jim from The Office was Lancelot. Hello? Did you see that list of Princesses? The only other thing I found "wrong" was that Donkey and Puss sort of swap bodies and I could not get down with Antonio Banderas's voice coming out of Donkey. Disturbing. Other than that, I liked it and that's my take on it. See it or don't. I'm leaving this one up to you.


exile said...

i look at it like the austin powers trilogy. they're all good, but they do degrade in quality as time goes by

even still, i'm itch'n to see this one (and not just itch'n in the usual places)

Brahma Bull said...

When the headless horseman said "I always wanted to play the flute" I freaking LOST it.

And I was the only one in a full theater who got it?

Good fun, that movie.

Buzz said...

Oh The Brahma Bull is really me. Posted off another login.


Angela said...

I'm going to see it just to hear John Krasinski :)

Jessica said...

I would have liked it better if there had been a few less screaming children in the theater, but I guess that's what happens when you go to see a "kid's" movie at 2 pm on Sunday, huh?