Oh, Hells Yes!

  • I totally watched Better Off Dead last night and it was great! The only thing better than an 80s movie is an 80s movie that has its closing scene at Dodgers stadium. No wonder I love it. HDW and Itchy, I wish you could have been there. I totally would have shared my pita chips and hummus. Though my sole beer would have been mine. All mine.
  • I also took my chemistry final and think I did quite well. I mean, I absolutely passed so that's really all that matters. Never did slip my prof the digits but I still rocked a mean crush on him the whole semester.
  • Officially felt "old" when I shushed some peeps in the library. I actually used the words, "Could you please keep it down? I'm trying to study." Awesome.
  • Another final tonight and then NOTHING! All summer! Reading for pleasure? The gym? Not driving to campus every night? Yes, please! Next semester is going to be a cinch. I'm only taking 2 classes, 2 nights a week as opposed to 3 classes, 4 nights a week. Hooray for free time.
  • My nephew's tooth is on the bottom right in case any of you were wondering. He is now a vampire monkey though my brother has said no blood has been drawn via said tooth as of yesterday.
  • And as for the photo below, my nephew is NOT feeling me up. Sickos.

Disclaimer: Snippets will hopefully come to a screeching halt next week when I'm not cramming for finals during work hours.


Itchy said...

I so should have did an honorary viewing of Better Off Dead last night.

Buzz said...

He's totally going after your boob, no sense in trying to cover it up... Ha! Get it? Cover it up? HOOOO HOOOO!

Anyway, congrats on the chem, good luck tonight, and libraries are supposed to be quiet places so I don't see the big deal in you shushing.

Now if you were at a bar shushing people, that would be a different story.


Jessica said...

Snippets are better than no posts - I say, keep 'em coming.

Sassy One said...

Good luck tonight!

gledwood said...

O I see what you mean about your nephew ... well he IS only about ONE!! come on!! what a lively informative blog you got here. Informative about you.. (welljust as mine's informative about ME-he-hee!!)... I love your illustrations - come dropby mine when you've a minute - my journal to the world. Also I got 2 new vid clips blogs they're quite good. Well I hope 2c u there someday. All the best - keep up your lovely site here
gledwood vol 2

how come u portray yourself via your shoes?

steve said...

Aww he is a real sweetie!!