Hump Day Updates

  • Ethan got his first tooth today!!! He'll be 7 months old tomorrow.
  • I am not pregnant. LOL. A few people have suggested I may be since I booted yesterday morning. I went to the OBGYN yesterday for my annual exam and I asked for a pregnancy test. When she asked when my last period was and I told her 2 weeks ago she cocked her head like a confused puppy. When she asked if I was on the pill and I responded in the affirmative, she laughed at me. Moral of that story? Peace of mind costs $15.
  • I got an A- in my Multicultural Drama class. She gave me 30 seconds to plead my case on why I should get an A and I said "Nuh uh. A- is fine."
  • Found out I only have to take 11 more classes until I'm eligible to graduate. Holler. I'll be 32 and still in college but whatevs. At least it seems attainable.
  • Had an awful dream last night about Miss Kitty. We were at a friend's wedding and there was a crazy man shooting up the place. Peeps dead all over the reception. She and I survived and hugged and wept. No point to that story really but it was some sad shit.
  • Other than that, I've got two finals in the next two days and then it's summer time and the living's easy. Sup with you guys?

Pointless pic of Auntie and Ethan in stripes courtesy of BFF


steve said...

11 more huh!!?? Woooooohooooot!!

Buzz said...

I'm 32 and still have education goals too, don't sweat it.

Ethan has the right idea, lol.


Sassy One said...

Ethan looks like he's trying to give us a peep show of your ta-tas.

Jessica said...

Ick. Finals for me, too. I have 12 more classes - almost the same. :) I am also planning a 200 person dinner/dance for work - disco-themed. Yay for disco bands!

exile said...

ethan, way to cop a feel!

Randi said...

Save for Steve & Jessica:
You are all weirdos.