Best Weekend Ever

You guys I literally did nothing this weekend aside from eat, drink and sleep. All weekend. The laundry is not done. The apartment was not cleaned. And I could literally give 2 shits. Saturday I never even showered until about 6 pm. I'm talkin' pajama jammy time. A massage, some babysitting and a nap... next thing you know the day is gone. Yesterday I enjoyed a couple Bloody Marys and a couple beers after Farmer's Market and then spent the rest of the afternoon sporadically napping. Being finished with that semester is the best thing that has happened to me in a looong time. Peace on earth. Good will to men. And all that jazz.

I just realized I've been watching The Simpsons for 20 years. More than half my life. It all started on The Tracy Ullman Show. My little brother Curtis and I used to bond over that cartoon family upstairs because my mom would not allow it on the downstairs TV. Will that show ever get cancelled? The 24 inspired 400th episode was hilarious. What is it about a woman in a dumpster? It's so nice that I was able to replace the Saturday morning cartoon experience with Sunday nights on Fox.

Can you believe that Schatar and Darra got expelled on Charm School? Those bitches Larissa and Shay have GOT to go. Ghetto asses. Grrr. I don't know why I love this show so much. In case you've missed it, be sure to tune in next week. New York is making a cameo. Let the drama begin. Cattiest. Women. Ever.


Coodence said...

Dude we totally used to watch the Simpsons during the Tracy Ullman show. Me and Ang that is. So good! I can't believe that was 20 years ago. Old.

Sassy One said...

I used to watch the simpsons on the Tracy Ullman show too!!
You've made me feel old ;-)

Rhys said...

Wow, it HAS been that long for the Simpsons. Jeez.

Oh, Charm School. Do I laugh or weep? Don't know, but it's hard to look away.

Macca said...

LMAO. Thankfully I haven't gotten roped in on Charm School. Thanks for the alert though. You care about your readers =)