165, Baby!

Since I recently lost about 7 pounds and am wearing baggy size 10s I thought I would share with you a couple things I do in case you, too, are in diet mode:
  • Eat a salad at least 4 lunches a week. And not a calorie-laden taco salad, either. I'm talking fresh veggies and a tablespoon of a vinaigrette-type dressing. I use a soy ginger organic dressing and my salads generally consist of the following: romaine, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, snap peas and a smattering of chicken breast.
  • Have a snack every three hours. I like a banana at about 10 a.m. and an apple around 3 p.m. Just say no to chips and cookies.
  • Drink water, water, water.
  • Splenda instead of sugar in your coffee.
  • Subway sandwiches are a great substitute for fast food, which is a HUGE no-no now. I eat there at least twice a week for dinner.
  • Measure out a cup of cereal for breakfast rather than pouring straight into the bowl. I'm currently enjoying Multi Grain Cheerios. And I switched from 2% to 1% milk.
  • Like a smoker craves ciggies, I crave snacks. The same way I don't buy cigarettes, I no longer stock the fridge with diet ice cream or keep candy handy. If it's not around, I don't eat it.
  • Only eat half of what is served at a restaurant or make sure there is always food on your plate when you leave the table. I cover mine with a napkin to avoid picking at it while we sit there.
  • When cravings strike allow yourself a Hershey miniature rather than eat a whole candy bar. Rather than deny yourself, just limit your indulgences.
  • Limit alcohol consumption to the weekends (if you can). Pick wine over beer.
  • If you have a bad day and binge and fill up on the bad stuff, don't give up. Tomorrow's a new day.

And those are my tips. Follow them or don't. All I'm saying is it's working for me. I even wore a bikini over the weekend. Not that I looked like Tyra Banks, but I wasn't mortified by my reflection so it was a personal victory. Can you imagine what would happen if I actually had time to go to the gym???


hotdrwife said...

What great advice, Randi! I've also started eating almonds for snacks. They are great for energy boosting, too.

More importantly, congrats on the seven pounds down!!! :)

Sassy One said...

You are better then any Dr. Phil diet book, that's for sure!

Rhys said...

Girl, you read my mind! This is EXACTLY what I needed to know! Thanks!

Rhys said...

And congratulations on your hard work paying off. :) The Pussycat Dolls will be knocking on your door any day now. Yeeoooow!

Jessica said...

Yay for 7 lost pounds!