'Zac Attack

April 19 - May 19

Don't take anything you read or hear today at face value, dear Taurus. It is possible that you will receive some rather distressing news. But before you burst into tears or start to tear your hair out in frustration, read the fine print. The news may not really be so bad. In fact, it may not even be true! Take a deep breath and give a sigh of relief, then get back to your normal routine.

I thought I'd take a second today to reflect on my horoscope. For the last week one of my co-workers has asked when my other personality is going to come back. The feisty, mean, quick-witted Randi. It would seem that lately, I've just been too even-keeled for his comfort. Quite frankly, I don't know if I agree. Mostly I just feel tranquil. Prior to being on Prozac I always felt like I was one step away from losing my shit. The slightest things would cause me to break down in tears. After nearly every phone call at work I would make a nasty comment. My road rage was definitely something that made people uncomfortable. Now, though, nothing really seems that traumatic. I still get pissed off when some dumb bastard doesn't use his "turning indicator" (Thanks, Kryst) or if he has to come to a near stop just to make a right hand turn. I just don't scream and cuss until the vein pops out of my forehead any more. And we already discussed my reaction to bikini shopping so there's no need to revisit that.
It's really a shame that there is such a stigma attached to antidepressants. For so long I resisted going on medication because I thought that would mean I was crazy. But it's not like that. Right now, for the first time... I don't know ever... I feel normal. Level. I don't feel super great like I have no problems. I'm still stressing about school. I still cry at movies. I just don't react as strongly as I used to and I think that's ok. For so long I suffered needlessly because I was afraid of what other people would think if I was on meds. Just can't figure that one out. If I had kidney disease would I have waited so long to get help? Something to think about.


Coodence said...

Here here. For the record, people who don't know BFF, the vein thing is no joke. No Joke.

Itchy said...

I relate, totally. I feel the same way. People have suggested that I could benefit from some prescribed happy, and I usually get irritated by that suggestion. I shouldn't. I worked in a psychiatrist's office for a few years and I know that some people just need help releasing their calm. The stigma attached is stupid and needs to go away. Even in my own head.

exile said...

did your horoscope just tell you not to trust what you read?


btw, i so nominated you

steve said...

Hmmmmmmm?? :-}

Sassy One said...

Do you happen to have a picture of said vein??

Screw the stigma! There shouldn't be one...if it's working, then that's all that matters.