Weekend Snippets

  • Friday consisted of eating all my favorite foods that I have been denied, including but not limited to: Starbucks Hazelnut Latte, pepperoni pizza, ranch dressing, buffalo wings, chili fries and a double-double from In-N-Out.
  • Sick to my stomach much? You betcha.
  • And of course beer. I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 beers. Fat Tire, Black and Tan, Hemp. You name it, I drank it.
  • This led me to totally forget the name of a gal who clearly knew me but in my drunken stupor I thought it better to overcompensate and rub her back and call her sweetie like she was my oldest friend. Turns out she just works at the place I get my hair cut.
  • An old man with one of those paddles that has an elastic string with a rubber ball connected to it bought me and Miss Kitty each a bouquet of roses because we mocked his skills. Nice to know I still got it.
  • Had a bartender recognize me and my friend Patrick (Hooray for surprise visits! He has the best timing EVER!). She was a freshman when we were seniors and just happened to have been Patrick's slave for freshman initiation. We had slave day. At a Catholic high school. Terrible. After his group made her wash a truck in a bikini, years of slave day tradition came to a screeching halt. Sexual harassment much? On a completely random and somewhat related note, our class also forced administration to replace egg babies with flour bag babies in our Marriage and Family class. Bad to the bone, baby.
  • Got kicked out of our local strip club because I was too drunk to realize the boys at the front door were not bouncers and proceeded to climb over the velvet rope. Actual bouncer clearly knew I was inebriated and wouldn't allow me to stay. Under any circumstance. Denied! What a dummy though. I would have dropped so much money there.
  • Because of that we ended up at the skankiest bikini bar in town. Chances are good P.J. Grunts (the name says it all, right?) will one day be condemned and razed due to hepatitis outbreaks. Good times.
  • Spent pretty much all of Saturday on my couch. With the lights out. In my jammies. Watching Flavor of Love marathons and promising to never drink again if it would only make the taste of stale beers and half a dozen cigarettes vacate my mouth forever. I'm too old to waste a day on hangovers.
  • Today I started the day off at my brother's church. I quit Catholicism long ago and his girlfriend's mom invited me when she found out I was depressed. It seemed like a good choice. There was rock music and a hip preacher. Unlike any church service I've experienced before. Chances are good I'll go back.
  • Easter dinner was delish. Ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls, Chardonnay, cream puffs and brownies. Was able to indulge in Cadbury Mini-Eggs to celebrate the end of 7 and a half weeks sans candy of any kind.
  • Back on my diet tomorrow.

On a snippetless note, thank you all for your kind and encouraging words. I started therapy on Friday and am still trying out the Prozac. I feel like I'm in a good place and for the first time in a long time I feel hopeful. Mostly that has to do with the support of friends and family. Thank you for being there for me. Even though we've never met I consider those of you who leave comments regularly my friends and I cherish the words you leave me. Here's to a bright future.


Macca said...

Nicely Done!

steve said...

Dang it girl what a wild weekend! Is that how they all do it out in Cali!!?? :-}

Have a wonderful Monday!

Sassy One said...

1) OMG! Green bean casserole, oh how I loveth thee.

2) Is it true strippers there can't take it ALL off?

Jessica said...

Sound like fun! We don't do cool things like that in the OC . . .

Randi said...

To answer Sassy:
Strip clubs can be all nude as long as no alcohol is served there. If alcohol is served it is either a bikini bar or a topless bar.

Shora said...

OMG, I so wish I had been there to share all the debauchery with you!!! I'd have even shared your hangover. Dude, you gotta move to Toronto. xoxo