Thank God It's Haiku Friday

Getting me some help
Gray skies are gonna clear up
See my smiling face?
Spent some time with E
Someone saved my life tonight
My little nephew
It's almost Easter
Chocolate bunnies watch your ears
I will bite them off


Buzz said...

Awoke, two o'clock
Choco-bunny in freezer door
Engulfed the whole thing.

Granted it was only a little rabbit, but the whole thing is gone. Nothing left but the foil.


fyrchk said...

Look at his little hair-do!!! How cute is he???

Sassy One said...

When Sunday is here,
I'm going to drown myself in
pounds of chocolate.

hotdrwife said...

Kiss. face. off. honestly.

I look at his picture and get that urge to kiss and squeeeeeeeeeeeeze those cheeks!!