A Post Is A Post

I spent most of yesterday afternoon into the middle of the night with a migraine. Lord knows I love me some migraines. Went to my stupid multicultural drama class and found out a classmate is a former high school classmate's baby mama/girlfriend. There truly is no county smaller than Ventura County. Or in Spanish - El mundo es un panuelo. Loosely translated? The world is a handkerchief. I don't make 'em up, people, I just write 'em down.
Got a call from my ex/friend that he saw the guy I'm currently seeing at a bar last night. He then proceeded to tell me he overheard him talking and considers him a total fucking idiot. I got super defensive and mad and now I'm just wondering if he's jealous. When I called him on it he denied that he was but I don't know why else he'd be hating on my booty call. Men. Always want what they don't have and don't want what they do.
That's about all I've got for now but I told Exile I'd post so The Landlord and its auto-playing ass would be removed from my page. Happy now?


Coodence said...

Makes me happy, too!! I love The Landlord but hate the autoplay. LOL.

As if you don't think the guy you're seeing right now is an idiot. Silly BFF. You just don't like other people saying it.

Buzz said...

Yeah, but from what you've told me of QB, your ex might be dead on and you're in denial?

Just pointing that out.