Off On A Good Foot

167. Exactly. That's what the scale said. Know what that means? I have lost 5 pounds in the 2 weeks that I've been doing the allergy diet. True, I have a ways to go but it's great just the same. If I could get down to 150-anything by May 12th I would be the happiest camper ever. Hell, I'd be satisfied with a solid 160 by then.
This weekend was real good for me. I did a lot of spring cleaning and that always makes me feel better. The sun was shining, life was easy. On Friday the sunny weather even permitted me to take a 3-mile walk around the 'hood. Gorgeous.
But best of all was that I got to spend some one on one time with my brother on Saturday and Sunday. No Ethan. No Frannie. Just me and Curtis chatting it up, listening to music and hangin' out. I seriously can't remember the last time we did that. It sure was nice. Probably the highlight of my weekend. I did get to see my nephew a lot though. My folks and I babysat him on Saturday night and he's just so darned smart it kills me.
I think that concludes the cheese for the day. Just wanted y'all to know I'm feelin' good.


Itchy said...

Congratulations on the lost 5! WOO!

Jessica said...

Yay for feeling good on a Monday!! It's a good sign for the rest of the week.

Buzz said...

Awesome on the 5 bills.

Glad you're doing better this week, I caught Blades this weekend and blogged about it too.


Sassy One said...

Congrats on the 5lbs!

Sassy One said...

Congrats on the 5 pounds!!

Rach said...

yeah on the 5 lbs, you go girl, keep it up