Domestic Disturbance

First of all, happy hump day to all of you. Mine started extra early thanks to the insane neighbors to the right of me. We share a bedroom wall, as most apartments do, only our wall also has a window. It's hard to explain but I assume it is there for circulation as we are on the second floor of the building in a loft. That's beside the point however. The point is at 5:15 this morning I was awoken not by the sounds of chirping birds or my alarm clock but by raised voices. Eventually those voices raised to the point of yelling and the words they were volleying were "Shut the fuck up!" "No you shut the fuck up!" There was also some argument about who was leaving first and who had the keys. Eventually it climaxed into doors slamming and windows rattling. Now, I'm not sure what to do about this. Had it been a one time occurrence I might be ok letting it slide. Then again, I'm not trying to be McGruff the neighborhood watch dog either. The reason this concerns me is because over the weekend she must have left with their child and I had to listen to him hollering and cussing at her over the phone. Not my phone, mind you. He was on his phone and I could hear the whole conversation through the wall. Without even trying. I'm sure this is all just kit and kaboodle of living in an apartment but I don't want it to end in some kind of domestic abuse or worse. I happen to enjoy living where I do and don't want that experience tainted by some crazy murder next door. What would you do?


Macca said...

Send him a male strip-o-gram.

exile said...

stay away, crazy people dont' live in the confines of logic and will turn it on you in a heartbeat

i say write everything down then sell a book when he finally goes over the edge

(all about the money)

Itchy said...

I'm sorta with Exile on this one. I've dealt with crazies...they are dangerous. They put razor blades under your car handles for "sticking your nose where it don't belong." It's sad but true...the crazies have scared me away from wanting to be helpful.

Shora said...

"shut the fuck up" "no you shut the fuck up" followed by door slamming? Honey, that's just marriage. ;)