Damn me and my rough afternoon. I was so tuckered out yesterday for the last half of work and after school that I ended up passing out on my couch while watching the I Love New York finale. Dang. I even googled that shit when I woke up and nothing really seems to say who won. I know in my heart of hearts it has to be Tango because Chance was too crazy. And as I was typing that I thought to look at VH1.com and sho'nuff, Tango won. Hallelujah. I'll miss my guilty pleasure but I have Charm School to look forward to two weeks from now.
In other news, I cooked dinner for myself last night. I know reading that sentence seems pretty ridiculous since a 29 year old woman typed it but yeah, I don't cook. This diet, however, makes me. I made a delicious chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms, onions and asparagus. Yum. Tomorrow is the last full day of this and I get my test done on Thursday morning. I am hoping the reintroduction of food doesn't drag on forever because I'd really like to be able to eat Easter dinner without restrictions. Tomorrow also marks 7 weeks without candy of any kind as well as 7 weeks without soda save for the one day I indulged in a root beer because my blood sugar was plummeting. Don't want to pull a Nicole Richie now do I?
Yeah... there's really not much going on. I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging lately.


Itchy said...

I judge no one for not cooking. I don't cook. Except for corn dogs, mac n cheese and tacos. Those items, I can cook the hell out of.

april said...

If I were Chance, I would've taken the money and ran as far away from that skank as bitch as I could. Fo' real, yo.

Good for you and your damn will power. I don't think I could do it for that long. But I'm proud of ya!!

fyrchk said...

Dude..I just saw that you pimped me. You are the bestest.

And I was totally going to call you yesterday when I was watching, "I love NY" but didn't want to ruin it for you...different time zones and all. But, the reunion show comes on the same night as Charm School.

Oh, and Tango proposed to her!!! Ain't that some shit? Oh, and she had sex with both of them on their final date.

steve said...

I'll be right over!! That meal sounds great!! Mmmmm!

Sassy One said...

I'll come cook for you :)

only a couple more days..the end is in sight. You can do it! (that was my lame attempt at a pep talk...)

exile said...

awww, i've always said you had some delicious beasts, hope you got a good taste of that mushroom sauce

Macca said...

Two words you need to add to your posts about programs I secretly watch: "Spoiler Alert".