5 Things

Comes courtesy of Rhys:
1. Which five words describe you best?
a.) Loyal
b.) Feisty
c.) Sensitive
d.) Punctual
e.) Dependable

2. A super-advanced think tank with outlandish resources including time travel hands you a list of names of the people who will commit the most heinous, horrifying crimes in the next ten years. You are given the option of hunting these people down and 'eliminating' them, before they have a chance to commit those crimes. Do you do it? Why/why not?
Considering I have a bit of a violent streak as it is I'd venture to say I'd do it. I've declared in the past that if I had a bullet and could get rid of someone guilt free, Paris Hilton would be first on my list and she's not even really a bad guy. She's just a poor role model and I hate what she has done to young girls and small animals. Then again, the stuff bad people do usually results in good people coming together to make change so this is a toughy... I would say I'd do the first one on the list, see how I feel after that and go from there. Like My Name Is Earl or something.

3. A fairy (the wish-granting kind) shows up and offers you a deal: Tomorrow morning, you can wake up and every wish you ever wanted, everything you ever desired, will be yours. Wealth, health, love...you've got it...with just one minor catch: you have to spend your life as the opposite gender, as you will be transformed upon having all your wishes granted. Do you do it? Why or why not?
I think I would go ahead and say yes to this crazy fairy. I don't have a sig other or children so they wouldn't necessarily be affected. I also consider myself a bit of a tomboy as it is and love me some boobs so I really don't see who loses in this situation. Plus it wouldn't be taboo if I farted or scratched my crotchal region and I'm already big into sports. I also have my beer belly and that would be sort of sexy if I was a dude whereas on a chick it's sorta yucky. And if I wanted to go bald or shave my head I totally could. Man, where is that fairy?

4. You are given the opportunity to travel back into your past and change one thing. What would it be? Or would you not do it?
I would change not going away to college in a heart beat. I think my whole life would have been much different if I had only gone away to school and finished it up by the time I was 21 or 22. Being a breath away from 30 and still in college while working full time is no cake walk. It would just be a shame to miss out on my first love and the crazy amount of work experience I gained during those years I flittered about aimlessly...

5. Describe your favorite color to a blind person who has never seen it. (You'll have to be creative and use other senses besides sight...fun! And to make it extra fun, don't say what the color is, so we can try to guess it.)
My favorite color is the feeling of sadness and cold weather. It's a chilly breeze of a color. It's the color of fresh air in your lungs or ice cubes on your finger tips. If it could make a sound it would be the crash of a wave at the beach.

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Rhys said...

Awesome!!!!!!! I love these answers, especially #3. :) You did FABULOUS with the color question, really made me 'feel' it. My guess: gray/pale blue?

You rock!