29 Days Til 30 Haiku Friday

The countdown's begun
I stinkin' love my birthday
Sorta immature
Twenty-five needles
Arms look like they have nipples
Every man's dream, right?
The sun is shining
Prozac working like a charm
Life is good, baby.


Itchy said...

Arm nipples rock.
I love my birthday too. Yay!
Birthdays are for fun!

Jessica said...

Yay! For turning 30 and people who do it this year. It's not nearly as bad as I feared . . .

exile said...

ooooo, dirty thirties
finally, Randi is of age
nipple arms and all

Sassy One said...

Most men would agree
the more nipples the better
but all on one chick?

Enjoy your weekend!

Rhys said...

YOU are good, baby. Ouchy on the shots. :(

Happy birthday, beautiful girl!!!!!!!!!!! :)