Welcome, Spring!

I would think that the advent of Spring would bring nothing but smiles to my face. Rather, I woke up to my reflection in the mirror showing an abnormally swollen upper lip and puffy red cheeks. Seems as though I am having an allergic reaction. Interestingly enough, it was my understanding that this diet I'm on was to eliminate allergies, not introduce them. I'm at the point of considering quitting and it's only the start of Day 3. Or is it? Yesterday I realized that not only was my breakfast tainted with corn syrup but my salad dressing has wheat in it. Go figure. The first two days were practically all for naught.
And riddle me this, won't you? How come "health food" has way more calories than my regular food? For instance, this morning's new organic rice flakes with none of the things I am not supposed to have as ingredients has 170 calories per serving whereas my Special K has about 110...
But you don't care about all that. Why would you? I bet you're enjoying all of the little things I'm not. All the little things that brought me joy like flavored coffee creamer and tiny 100 calorie Chips Ahoy snack packs. Or a nice diet ice cream sando after dinner. Or a frosty beer after a hard day at work.
On a happier note I made it to the gym again last night. Two days in a row and the gym bag is in the car for a third. My thighs are rejoicing and my calves are taut with happiness. That familiar trickle of sweat that works its way from my arm crease to my elbow showed its pretty little self again to me last night as I jogged for 20 minutes. Not 15 like the night before. No, sir. Kicked it up a notch. Hot trainer Perry stopped by to say hi and told me he's a proud papa now. Has it really been that long since I worked out? Jesus. I should be ashamed. But there's no sense crying over yesterday. I'm there now and that's half the battle.
Happy Hump Day! Dude I didn't even realize it was Wednesday! Crazy. Today marks 5 weeks without candy. Just thought I'd share. Haha.


fyrchk said...

Okay...haven't commented in awhile...because I suck.

But, when I read your list of what you CAN'T eat, I wondered what the hell was left for you TO eat.

Good luck gorgeous!

Jessica said...

Yay for making it to the gym two days in a row. I planned to get up early this morning and go for a walk, but when I woke up and heard rain, I rolled over and went back to sleep. I think I might need to work on my resolve a bit.

Itchy said...

You are an inspiration to us all with your going to the gym thang.

Sassy One said...

What CAN you eat? Maybe that would be a shorter/easier list to follow...I said is before: Jesus H. Christ girl..don't know how you'v even made it this far...